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I’ve had enough…I cannot ignore the mess that is my closet anymore. The clutter and general untidiness has got to go. I can no longer live with what I coined “my disorganised chaos” Take a look at this:

I got cleaning. First I went through my clothes. I went through everything asking myself would I wear this again after the baby is born and lose the baby weight? If yes I kept, if no I put in the donation pile.  Next I moved all my work clothes into the study wardrobe to give me some much-needed space plus I won’t be reaching for these clothes in the next year.

Here’s my little man, being a good little boy and helping mummy out.

Then I focused my attention on my vanity. It looked like a bomb had hit it! Some general tidying up and putting things where they belong, soon got the vanity looking organised and clean.

And the finished product:

This took me 3 hours to do, on and off while entertaining my little man. Can I just say how nice it feels to go into my closet now.

Happy smiles all round.